Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Cake Pops... The cakes of the future?!

What is a Cake Pop?  A Cake Pop is a creative way to enjoy a little bit of cake in a fun way!

During the past 6 months I have heard & seen more & more of Cake Pops, so inevitably I wanted to do some research & try my hand at making some...

Pretty little things aren't they?!  Now these are just a few examples of Cake Pops that I have found around the net (thanks Google images), I am yet to attempt to make any although I am going to attempt them & take them out to karaoke with me on Friday night so if you want to try my Cake Pops for yourself then come & join me =)

The Cake Pops I am planning on making are going to be mint-choc flavoured, a double chocolate cake crumbled & mixed with a mint-choc buttercream frosting to form the ball shapes... I will then be coating them in Wilton candy melts chocolate mint which is brown in colour & will be decorating the completed pops with bright candy decorating pens & various sprinkles to make them all pretty!

I will take plenty of pictures & re-blog about these very soon so you can see what my Cake Pops turn out like... I am hoping they will be a real success as I have promised my adopted daughter Alison that I will make her some for her Birthday in December this year, wish me luck.