Thursday, 16 February 2012

Surprise Birthday Cakes

There's nothing better than a surprise birthday cake if you ask me... It's just great seeing the expressions on people's faces when you produce a wonderful cake to them in their birthday when they're not expecting it, even better if it is for your family or very close friends too!

Now, there was a surprise cake on Saturday for my brother-in-law's 40th birthday celebrations, there were also Strawberry Daiquiri & Tiramisu cupcakes too... I think he & the rest of the family were suitably impressed, if I do say so myself they all looked & tasted fabulous!!!

I have been planning an extra special surprise cake for my bestie for a few weeks now, this has caused me sleepless nights & concern about how it was going to turn out, but I've impressed myself with the result - yes I know he follows & reads my blog, but he knows he is getting a cake... Just he has no idea what & I'm not letting any spoilers creep out, so you'll just have to wait for later Jason!  Evil bestie, Mwahahahahahahaaaaa!!!

Along with bestie's cake I've been decorating another surprise cake, which I cannot divulge any information about as the recipient has no idea at all that I am aware & that's how it will stay until the time comes to unveil the surprise... I can't wait though as the cake looks amazing!!!

I have another cake to do for another birthday next week too, though I won't get to see the face of that recipient... I'm sure it will be a picture though & I hope they will be happy with their cake too!

February sure has been a busy month cake wise, but it is flying by so fast... I suppose that's the problem with the shortest month of they year (although being a leap year we're getting an extra day) - I wonder what cakey delights I will have to do in March?!

Monday, 13 February 2012

Not just cake...

That's right, it's not just cake that is produced here, today being the first day of half-term & having the kiddies home from school with me, we are making Chocolate Brownies & Cherry Flapjack with Dark Choc Chips!

Now the question is: "Will any of my children actually attempt to help me or will I be working alone as always?!"

The original plan was that Cameron (my eldest) was going to help as he really wants to make Flapjacks (suppose I'd better make some plain as well as the choc cherry) but I feat that now the evil television box has been powered up & sucked their minds blank of rational thought, my kitchen assistants will be thin on the ground if any! Lol

Still that just means that I can crank up the tunes on my iPod, listen to what I want & not have any distractions or interference... The kiddies will just enjoy the pleasure of getting to eat the delicious treats that I am about to make!

I'll edit this later & add some pictures when done... May even bring some samples out tomorrow for our family trip - privileged individuals will hopefully get to sample some too!

Here's the pictures:

 Flapjack & Choc/Cherry Flapjack

Chocolate Brownies (straight out the oven)

Friday, 3 February 2012

Slow on the blogs, but not on the cakes...

Wow, it has been mega busy on the cake front here recently & is getting busier by the day... I don't mind though cause I enjoy what I do, so it's all good!

Last week I made a most fabulous 4-Tier Wedding Cake for a gorgeous couple, Fay & Richard (friends of my adopted daughter Alison) it consisted of a 12" rich fruit cake & a 10", 8" & 6" soaked vanilla layered sponges. It was decorated with matching pink & black gerbera, pink & black ribbons, black hand painted swirly design on white regal icing & I made a black, pink & white selection of beaded floral wires for a centre topper to finish it off... It looked amazing, wouldn't you agree?!

I've got loads of birthday requests coming up this month too, a 40th birthday cake today, 40th cupcakes next week, 40th birthday cake next weekend, 16th birthday cake next week also, then a Valentine's cake & birthday cake the week after & a 21st birthday cake at the end of the month.  It seems that the majority of my friends all have birthdays coming up at the moment!

I also have 2 x fruit cakes to make this weekend, a 4" square & 10" square... These are for the hospital staff that have been looking after my step-mother over the past two weeks to say thanks for all they've done while she's been in.

Busy, busy, busy... But it's all in the name of cakey goodness & keeping the public happy. I'm actually a little relieved that all my friends & family that do have birthdays this month have not requested cakes, cupcakes or cake pops as I think I'd need both a bigger kitchen & a kitchen assistant or 2 as I'd quite literally be over run with cakes - on a quick count up I've got approx 27 birthdays of family & close friends this month! Lol