Monday, 13 February 2012

Not just cake...

That's right, it's not just cake that is produced here, today being the first day of half-term & having the kiddies home from school with me, we are making Chocolate Brownies & Cherry Flapjack with Dark Choc Chips!

Now the question is: "Will any of my children actually attempt to help me or will I be working alone as always?!"

The original plan was that Cameron (my eldest) was going to help as he really wants to make Flapjacks (suppose I'd better make some plain as well as the choc cherry) but I feat that now the evil television box has been powered up & sucked their minds blank of rational thought, my kitchen assistants will be thin on the ground if any! Lol

Still that just means that I can crank up the tunes on my iPod, listen to what I want & not have any distractions or interference... The kiddies will just enjoy the pleasure of getting to eat the delicious treats that I am about to make!

I'll edit this later & add some pictures when done... May even bring some samples out tomorrow for our family trip - privileged individuals will hopefully get to sample some too!

Here's the pictures:

 Flapjack & Choc/Cherry Flapjack

Chocolate Brownies (straight out the oven)


  1. Brownies are good - not sure about flapjacks though, I had some once and they triggered off my nut allergy.

    Anyway you'll probably get more done without "assistance" lol x

  2. The Flapjacks you tried before may have had almond essence in... Mine are nut free & have vanilla extract in ;)