Wednesday, 7 March 2012

B B B B B Birthdays!

Well, the past month has been fairly chilly to say the least hence the blog title of B B B B B Birthdays... That's me saying it through chattering teeth, lol!

It has been a very busy month cake wise, fortunately I have a rest this week but what have I produced since my February 1st???

Well..... I've had 2 x 8" Victoria, 1 x 10" square Vanilla, 3 x 8" Chocolate, 1 x 'Ham' cake, 1 x 4" square Fruit, 2 x 10" square Fruit & 48 Cuppies to date, that I can remember!!! That's a lot of baking ;)

Here's a few pictures of the various months work:

 My brother-in-law's 'Surprise' 40th Cake & Cupcakes

Bestie Jason's 'Ham' cake & my 'lover' (extremely great friend) Caroline's cake

My friend Teresa's son Jack's 'Surprise' 18th cake

My little princess Anneliese's 5th birthday cake (which she absolutely loved)