Saturday, 17 December 2011

Holiday themed Cupcakes & Bright Cake Pops

Well, I have 2 x 5" Christmas Cakes, 2 x 6" Christmas Cakes & 2 x 8" Christmas Cakes to marzipan, regal ice & decorate this week but the reason I am blogging is the delights that the end of the week hold in store for my adopted daughter Alison...

It is her 25th Birthday on Friday 23rd & as I love her so very much & she is spending her birthday with us at karaoke I thought it only right that I should make some Cupcakes for the occasion. Now she has decided that seeing as she never has a summer birthday the theme of her celebrations is: Hawaiian so the Cupcakes will be adorned with bright coloured buttercream & topped with a cupcake icing disc with a beachy/Hawaiian themed picture!  But what flavours shall the cupcakes be?! Pina Colada, Margarita, Mojito, Strawberry Daiquiri, Mango, Banana, Lime, Coconut... the list is endless of what flavours to choose, Alison, what 2 flavours would you like hunni?!

Now, as Alison is soooo very important to me I am also going to try to find the time to make some bright funky Cake Pops too... I am thinking of making these in plain vanilla but covered in strawberry & orange chocolate with contrasting bright patterns on them - what do you think babe?!  I just want to make it a little special for you.

Well, only a little cakey blog today... but I suppose it is better than nothing?! Until next time cake fans!!!

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Christmas Cakes are now priority...

As the title suggests, Christmas Cakes are now my priority as far as cake life goes!  I did have a few spontaneous Cupcake-oke's that I was going to create gorgeous Cupcakes for yesterday & this Friday coming but they have definitely had to take a back seat & be bypassed this time as there just is so much other stuff going on right now (few issues in my life that have put a sudden stop to this sadly) & with 6 x Christmas Cakes to feed, marzipan & ice, they really do have to be my priority only as far as cakes go.

I currently have 2 x 5" Christmas Cakes, 2 x 6" Christmas Cakes & 2 x 8" Christmas Cakes that have been mixed, baked, fed & wrapped sat in their tins maturing, waiting for their next Brandy feed - boy do they look & smell good already =)

I however did manage to get out two birthday cakes for my good friends that always request cakes from me for any event they have coming up, although decorating & distributing from another kitchen this week - I have also gained a new fan club in the process, who were astounded with my skills & wow'd with my work!

A short but sweet blog, but hey cakes can be small & are most definitely sweet so it is all good =)

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Christmas is coming & the goose is getting FAT!!!

Not strictly true, but my waistline will expand that's for sure - not sure I would class myself as a goose though?!

Anyhow, haven't done a cakey blog for a while so I suppose I ought to before the year comes to a close... can you believe it's December 1st already?!  Doesn't time fly when you have good cake???  I think it does!

Well, the next few weeks are going to be busy, busy, busy in my little kitchen - right up until Christmas we will be having Cupcake-oke at the pub where my lovely hubby does his regular karaoke slot: Last week a lovely friend was down & it was his first visit to this karaoke venue so I treated him with my Carnation Vanilla & Triple Choc Chip Chocolate Cupcakes they went down amazingly well & even another friend who is a pastry chef could not believe how good my cupcakes were & called me a name as they said even they didn't make cakes THAT good! This week is a friends birthday so again I am making cupcakes for her, another birthday celebration next week (although the birthday is tomorrow, but they are out with family), the week after my bessie is out to play so gotta do cupcakes then for sure & the week after that is my adopted daughters 25th birthday so of course she is getting cupcakes & cakepops (so long as I have time) & that is also Christmas Eve, Eve!!!

I also have 2 birthday cakes to make next week, 5 Christmas cakes next week & also a birthday cake for my adopted daughter to take up to her real parents for the 22nd - it's all go & the kitchen is going to smell divine for the next few weeks - I can't wait!!!

Oh, here's a couple of pictures of the cake pops that I made & blogged about previously (Oct 12th):