Saturday, 10 December 2011

Christmas Cakes are now priority...

As the title suggests, Christmas Cakes are now my priority as far as cake life goes!  I did have a few spontaneous Cupcake-oke's that I was going to create gorgeous Cupcakes for yesterday & this Friday coming but they have definitely had to take a back seat & be bypassed this time as there just is so much other stuff going on right now (few issues in my life that have put a sudden stop to this sadly) & with 6 x Christmas Cakes to feed, marzipan & ice, they really do have to be my priority only as far as cakes go.

I currently have 2 x 5" Christmas Cakes, 2 x 6" Christmas Cakes & 2 x 8" Christmas Cakes that have been mixed, baked, fed & wrapped sat in their tins maturing, waiting for their next Brandy feed - boy do they look & smell good already =)

I however did manage to get out two birthday cakes for my good friends that always request cakes from me for any event they have coming up, although decorating & distributing from another kitchen this week - I have also gained a new fan club in the process, who were astounded with my skills & wow'd with my work!

A short but sweet blog, but hey cakes can be small & are most definitely sweet so it is all good =)

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