Friday, 3 February 2012

Slow on the blogs, but not on the cakes...

Wow, it has been mega busy on the cake front here recently & is getting busier by the day... I don't mind though cause I enjoy what I do, so it's all good!

Last week I made a most fabulous 4-Tier Wedding Cake for a gorgeous couple, Fay & Richard (friends of my adopted daughter Alison) it consisted of a 12" rich fruit cake & a 10", 8" & 6" soaked vanilla layered sponges. It was decorated with matching pink & black gerbera, pink & black ribbons, black hand painted swirly design on white regal icing & I made a black, pink & white selection of beaded floral wires for a centre topper to finish it off... It looked amazing, wouldn't you agree?!

I've got loads of birthday requests coming up this month too, a 40th birthday cake today, 40th cupcakes next week, 40th birthday cake next weekend, 16th birthday cake next week also, then a Valentine's cake & birthday cake the week after & a 21st birthday cake at the end of the month.  It seems that the majority of my friends all have birthdays coming up at the moment!

I also have 2 x fruit cakes to make this weekend, a 4" square & 10" square... These are for the hospital staff that have been looking after my step-mother over the past two weeks to say thanks for all they've done while she's been in.

Busy, busy, busy... But it's all in the name of cakey goodness & keeping the public happy. I'm actually a little relieved that all my friends & family that do have birthdays this month have not requested cakes, cupcakes or cake pops as I think I'd need both a bigger kitchen & a kitchen assistant or 2 as I'd quite literally be over run with cakes - on a quick count up I've got approx 27 birthdays of family & close friends this month! Lol

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