Friday, 20 April 2012

Only another 10 days...

Where on Earth has this year gone?!  I sit here updating my blogs (as I have been blogging a lot from my mobile & iPod - they don't make them look so pretty) & think to myself I last wrote a cakey blog on March 7th... OMG it's April 20th now!!!  I have just been so horrendously busy at home with the children, with the cakes, with chores that time has just brushed past me & it's almost May, we're almost half-way through the year!!!

So what have I been up to since my last cake blog I hear you ask???  Well it's been pretty much business as usual & lots going on as always both at home with the family, out with friends & of course loads of cakey goings on, else why would I be writing on my cake blog? Lol

Now this is the list of cakey goings on since my last cake blog; A very chocolatey 8" ultimate chocolate cake for my very dear friend & 'Biatch' Elaine, 84 x chocolate cuppies & 84 x vanilla cuppies for Cameron's (my eldest) teacher Mrs Clark (neé Miss Andrewes) to celebrate her marriage with all the teachers at the children's school & all year 5's & year 6's, a 9" triple layer chocolate fudge cake with chocolate ganache filling for Anneliese's friend Hannah's Dad, My own Dad's birthday cake (sorry the picture is on my camera still), 80 cake pops & 48 x Easter cuppies for Easter weekend at various places... Lol  So just a little bit of baking?! 2 cakes (5 layers in total), 216 cuppies & 80 cake pops total!!!

Oh & I have also been asked about 3 more weddings, a 90th birthday & a 50th birthday too!

I suppose a few photo's (off my mobile, I love the camera on my HTC) wouldn't go a miss in this blog now would they?!

 Elaine's special cake

1 of the 7 boxes of 24 Chocolate & Vanilla Cuppies

Hannah's cake for her Daddy

20 cake pops for karaoke at the Kings Arms with Funky Mike (hubby's bestie) 

24 Easter cuppies for Cupcake-oke at The Star with DJ Wobble (my hubby, Duncan)

20 Cake Pops & 24 Easter Cuppies for Easter Egg hunt
at friends Steve & Helen's on Easter Sunday (big gathering)

20 Cake Pops for karaoke at White Hart with Jason Ayres (bestie)

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