Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Birthday Dilemmas

So it's like this...

... This weekend I get to see one of my most closest cousins whom I love dearly, we've always been so close & stayed in touch since childhood even though we've probably not actually seen each other in approx 22 years!

Shocking I know, but we're always chatting via FB, txt... Used to be pen n paper but how times change eh?!

Now my cousin is always commenting on my status's n page & as she will be turning 36 on Friday I must do an ultra special cake for when she is here to celebrate her birthday in style (she's like the lil sister I never had) but I'm having so many dilemmas as to what to do?!

My first thought was a rainbow cake, as I've been wanting to do one for a while now... But that would just be vanilla or lemon sponge - plain, simple flavoured.

My second thought was a toffee, mocha, chocca cake... Similar style to a rainbow with 4 layers or so but each layer a different flavour: vanilla, toffee, coffee, chocolate - mmmmm, indulgent flavours.

The third thought was a giant chocolate cupcake... As I've not done a giant for a while so it would be busy awesome to do a chocolate overload giant - perfectly chocoholic!

My final thought is just a simple rich chocolate sponge to celebrate the birthday & then do some different flavored cuppiecakes to take to bestie's karaoke on Sunday night so we can have a variety of flavours to enjoy!

What to do?! I've no idea & keep changing my mind (it's a womans prerogative) so what would you do???

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