Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Giant Cupcakes... A new found passion!

Well what can I say???  I absolutely love Cupcakes, but now I am ecstatic about Giant Cupcakes!!!  I recently purchased a much longed for Wilton Giant Cupcake pan for some birthday projects I have coming up & I Love It!

I made a St Clements Giant Cupcake yesterday to time trial cooking times for the two sides of the pan as on reading various forums a lot of people had said the top cooks a lot quicker than the base, I also wanted to trial out making a Candy Shell with the base as they look so much prettier than Buttercream or Regal Icing & set the Cupcake off a treat as if it was in it's own Giant Case =)

WoW...  Is the reaction I got from everyone who saw the picture I uploaded to Facebook with 10 likes to the picture so far!  I am now in the process of baking the base of a Double Chocolate Giant Cupcake ready for the first birthday - the batter smelt divine, so I am already very confident that it will taste exquisite... the thing is, when it's made will I be able to part with it?!

I've worked out that the base takes approx 1 hr to bake on 180° in a convection oven & the top takes approx 35 mins to bake at the same temperature, depending on what cake batter is used - so my tip for the day is: If you purchase new pans that are shaped/sized different to standard recipes always do a time trial first or you could end up with disaster on your hands! Lol

Now as I said I wanted to trial out making a Candy Shell, if you are intelligent enough (I'm sure that you are) you will know that Americans refer to Chocolate Bars as Candy Bars... so in fact this is a chocolate shell.  Wilton produce a product called Candy Melts, little discs of chocolate to melt down & form in to your own chocolate shapes, chocolate pops or even chocolate shells, they come in so many colours too: Green, Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Pink, Lavender, White & Colorburst Brights (a white with coloured flecks) - these are all vanilla flavoured (they taste like white chocolate mice) but they also do a few different flavours: Light Cocoa, Milk Cocoa, Dark Cocoa, Chocolate Mint & Peanut Butter!  The options are endless as what you can do with these, but currently I am using them to create cases for my Giant Cupcakes & they look amazing!

I made an Orange candy shell for my St Clements Giant Cupcake & it gave it the WoW factor for sure, they are very simple to make & I am thankful to Destini who posted the instructions in creating this gorgeous case on her Blog - Oh, Sugar! although credit goes originally to Wilton for firstly creating the melts & secondly putting this idea in the 2008 Wilton Year Book :)

I will be uploading pictures at some point, but have a ton of other pictures to put on Facebook first as I have been a little slack with uploading due to time constraints & being far too busy in the kitchen baking... got the laptop next to the oven as we speak!

Back to baking as the base of the Giant Cupcake is just about ready to come out of the oven... until next time Blog addicts!

Here's the long awaited pictures:

Not bad for a very first attempt, eh?

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