Tuesday, 26 July 2011

It's MY Birthday...

Yes, you read correctly... in a little over 3 days it will be MY birthday!  Yes, Friday July 29th is my birthday & you've guessed it I will be making my own cake/cupcakes & eating it/them!!!  What's wrong with that???  I know what flavours I like, I know what design I want & I know what I like - it's perfect if I do it myself isn't it?!

Now, last year I had a three tier stacked birthday cake consisting of a 10" square chocolate, 8" square coffee & 6" square caramel cake... it was divine if I do say so myself & was very girlie!

As you can see I also had a cupcake tower with 3 different flavours of cupcakes, last year I had Oreo, Vanilla 99 Flakes & Vanilla with Chocolate Chips topped with indulgent Chocolate buttercream!

Now this year, as my birthday is on a Friday & my husband does karaoke down a local pub that I always go to without fail... I am taking cake/cupcakes to the pub!  On this years menu will be a chocolate birthday cake in the form of a very girlie giant cupcake, this will not be being cut but will be coming home with me, as it will have a candy shell which makes them not the easiest to cut & my children are away for my birthday so it's only right that they get to share my cake with me!  Also though to keep all the guests happy at karaoke I am doing a selection of cupcakes again, we are having: Oreo, Peanut Butter, Espresso & Red Velvet (all particular favourites of mine) Just hope the guests are not too disappointed they won't be getting any of the giant cupcake?!  Maybe I might do a small 6" cake to take to the pub instead & just leave the giant cupcake at home to have with the children???  I am thinking that sounds like the best plan to avoid anyone being disappointed in me.

Bit of a brief blog this evening, but not a lot else to blog about at present... I've blogged on my personal blog so am a little blogged out "/

Have cake & eat it!!!

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